Parts of a Fireplace

A fireplace is a really nice focal point to have in your home. It can be used for heating purposes and also as a decorative accent piece. There are many different parts that make up the whole of the fireplace, so let’s go over them!


This fantastic fireplace has a firebox that is open to the room, so it’s perfect for cold seasons. The chimney can be on either side of your wall and there are two choices: one with an angled top and another where you have more control over how high or low your flames will burn by adjusting its height using these notches on each end. You’ll need at least three inches of clearance between anything combustible in front of the fireplace opening like curtains!

The Mantel and Mantel Shelf

The mantel and the shelf are two of my favorite parts in a fireplace. The mantel is an important part that holds up your TV or pictures, while the mantle also serves as a protective bar to cover any wood on fire underneath it from getting too hot.

The shelf is what we usually put our logs under so they can be brought closer to heat source for more efficient burning!


The fireplace surrounds the room with its warmth. The hearth warms your feet as you sit down to enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee in front of it on those bitter cold nights by yourself when all is dark and silent around you but for the crackling fire.

The soothing flames make me feel like everything will be alright, no matter what happens tomorrow morning at work if I get that promotion after this performance review!


The hearth is the place in a fireplace where you build and maintain your fire to provide heat, light, cooking flames. It may be on or off of the floor depending upon design.

The hearth can take many different shapes from being rectangular like an old-fashioned brick oven to looking more modern with rounded corners that give it a sleek appearance. The surface area should have enough space for logs too big for one person at most times but not so much as they’ll overlap each other making them difficult to stack cleanly without getting out ashes and clinkering around inappropriately near combustibles nearby such as curtains or furniture upholstery while building fires outdoors – always use ground coals instead when possible!


The corbel is most often seen in a fireplace, when it holds up the mantelpiece.

A sturdy type of architectural detail called a “corbel” can be found on some fireplaces where it supports and balances massive structures like an elegant marble or stone mantle over its open space for combustion fires to reduce into ashes that are swept out by servants as part of their daily chores.


The plinth is the base of a fireplace. It provides stability and support for it, as well as making sure that heat can circulate freely through hot air ducts in order to help regulate room temperature. is a resource for homeowners looking to make their home more comfortable and healthy, as well as the fun place it should be! They offer many tips on how you can do this like getting plants in your house or making sure you have enough lighting. You’ll also find some great ideas related to decorating such as adding artwork or creating an island with bar stools so that people can congregate together while cooking dinner.